Beautiful Timber

We’ve gone to great lengths to source materials that will look stunning, yet last a generation. Javi - Mailbox designs feature a front panel precision machined from Accoya wood, a modified timber with properties that match or exceed the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods. Best of all it is manufactured from sustainable sources.

This timber is a perfect solution for exterior products where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability and durability are key factors. 

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 Timber Letter Box

Built Tough

Our letterbox designs are precision fabricated and carefully coated to protect against corrosion. We insist on stainless steel hinges & fasteners to ensure that lifelong robust feel.

 Timber Mailbox Hinges
 Timber Mailbox Designs

Timber Mailbox Designs


Thoughtful Details

As designers we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Prototype testing and design iteration during our development process means that the Javi - Letterboxes have a range of clever features that will surprise and delight.

Whether it’s the stainless steel visor or the box within a box protective structure, the discreet lock access, the hidden fasteners or the handy magnetic door latch, we think you’ll appreciate the extra effort we’ve gone to.

 Letterbox With Key Lock
 Mailbox With Foldout Option


The Javi Letterbox comes in 3 models, Wall mount, Post mount and Fence Mount. 

 Wall Mount Mail Box Design Specifications

Wall Mount Mail Box Design Specifications

 Post Mount Mailbox Specifications Side On

Post Mount Mailbox Specifications Side On

Javi - Wall Mount

Large entry slot will fit large A4 packages

- Height: 380mm

- Width: 290mm

- Depth: 128mm

For more information - Technical Specifications

Javi - Post Mount

- Height: 440mm (1400mm with Post)

- Width: 210mm (260mm with Post)

- Depth: 135mm

For more information - Technical Specifications

 Fence Mount Letter Box Design Specifications

Javi - Fence Mount

Large entry slot will fit large A4 packages

- Height: 340mm

- Width: 290mm

- Depth: 395mm

Custom Font

We have created a dynamic font for you which can be CNC machined into your panel. Below is the number set of our font. 

 Letter Box Number Designs