Custom Numbers

We give you the opportunity to engrave your Accoya wood panel with your number of choice, this option can be selected when you order your Javi-Letterbox.

The engraving is 2.0mm deep using our CNC machine to give an accurate and clean cut number set. 

* Maximum of 5 custom machined numbers possible. If you need more numbers or have a special requirement please contact us directly.

Javi Design Number Set

Javi Design Number Set

Discreet Lock

We've gone to great lengths to create a letterbox that is superior to other letterboxes and one clever feature is our discreet lock. The lock nests inside the wood panel and can be accessed through a small hole above the main slot.

For users who don't wish to use the lock simply remove the cam from the back of the lock, every letterbox is fitted with a magnetic latch which will keep the front panel closed. For more information on the lock please see our Care Instructions page.

1. Insert the key through the small hole above the slot.

2. Turn the key 180 degrees.

3. Open the panel.

4. Access your mail. Then close the panel and lock your letterbox.