Timber/Wooden Letterbox Designs

We’ve gone to great lengths to source materials that will look stunning, yet last a generation. Javi - Timber Letterboxes feature a front panel precision machined from Accoya wood, a modified timber with properties that match or exceed the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods. Best of all it is manufactured from sustainable sources.

This timber is a perfect solution for exterior products where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability and durability are key factors. A low maintenance wooden letterbox that can endure time and the elemetns. 

For further information visit www.accoya.com

Care Instructions for our Timber/Wooden Letterboxes

Our Letterboxes are fitted with a CNC machined timber panel (Accoya - www.accoya.com) and is delivered

in a raw finish giving you the freedom to finish it how ever you please. Timber products are affected by

natural weathering when exposed to the environment. The weathering process will turn the wood a silver

colour however the orginal colour can be retained by applying a rich penetrating timber oil or stain. Coating

the timber will improve its longevity while enhancing its natural beauty.